Think Programmatically

Think Programmatically

Pulpo's wide-ranging experience with Hispanics gives you the possibility of reaching and touching your (i)Hispanic audience programmatically

Why U.S. Hispanics

Reaching your audience programmatically

With 55 million Hispanics in the U.S., it cannot be denied that this segment is part of U.S. identity. Hispanics now represent 17.9% of the total U.S. population, and have grown to have a buying power of $1.5 trillion. The Hispanic market is of huge importance, and you now have the opportunity of truly connecting with the fastest-growing segment.

U.S. Hispanic Population

Why Pulpo Programmatic

While there are numerous options when it comes to purchasing programmatic advertising, very few can support a Hispanic campaign with the wealth of Hispanic-specific data at Pulpo’s disposal.

We don’t guess, we know where Hispanics are.

Pulpo’s offer allows our clients to accurately target over 20 million U.S. Hispanics through an extensive list of brand-safe and fully visible publisher sites. This service leverages our #1 ranked comScore Hispanic Ad Focus reach across hundreds of direct Spanish & English language sites not normally available on ad exchanges.

Pulpo’s unique Programmatic solution features Private Marketplace packages designed to reach your target, from terabytes of Hispanic campaign data to our proprietary Acculturation Model. Pulpo’s wide-ranging experience with Hispanics gives you the possibility of reaching and touching your (i)Hispanic audience programmatically.

Our Deals

Each campaign is different, that’s why we offer unique-buyer deal IDs. We customize each deal based on your target audience.

Ad Units

Ad Units

  • Desktop (300×250, 728×90, 160×600)
  • Mobile (320×50, 300×50)
  • Video
  • Rising Stars & High Impact



  • Language: Spanish – English Content Sites
  • Geography: U.S. – Mexico – Latam
  • Channels: RON – Custom Channels

Auction Type

Auction Type

  • Private Marketplace (Floor Rate, Unreserved Volume)
  • Preferred (Fixed Rate, Reserved Volume)
  • Dynamic CPMs

Inventory Quality

Inventory Quality

  • +70% Viewable Inventory Deals
  • URL Transparency
  • Brand-Safe

Our exclusive packages

We know how to reach and touch (i)Hispanics effectively, and we have a special package for each meaningful event in a Hispanic’s life.

  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving / Black Friday
  • Christmas / Holidays
  • Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Mother’s Day
  • Back to School
And more!!


Our Sites

Our premium direct publishers contain hundreds of sites that are grouped amongst the most influential in LATAM & U.S. Hispanic audiences.

Our Platforms

SSP of choice:

Exchange of choice:

PubMatic & TTD are connected to every major DSP and make our offer also available through them. Look for Hispanics and you’ll find us.

Pulpo Programmatic solution Tap into unique first party data & vast Pulpo reach for the U.S. Hispanics audience.

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