Hispanic Audience Engagement and Digital Media Buying Efficiency

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Hispanic Audience Engagement and Digital Media Buying Efficiency

Discover how Pulpo is staying ahead of the game by continuing to innovate and deliver deep Hispanic audience engagement and media efficiency to clients.

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For the 4th year in a row, Ad Age has ranked Pulpo as the #1 Hispanic Ad Focus Network, reaching 27M monthly unique visitors. Our competitors cover just a small fraction of the market reach Pulpo can deliver to clients, most of them representing distant first, second or third places.

This #1 position represents our commitment to continuously tackle market challenges and stay ahead of the game.

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Reach and touch your hispanic audience

In a proprietary Pulpo strategy for success, we deliver a multidimensional view of the (i)Hispanic consumer using a targeted approach for the most precise advertising with the highest return on investment (ROI). You exceed your campaign goals over and over, and optimum performance is an ongoing expectation for the future of your brand’s goals.

Using a Targeted Approach to Find Your Customers

Offering a Cross-Cultural Footprint to Reach the Hispanic Market

Presenting Influential Media and Content Across Platforms

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Pulpo Evolved

At Pulpo we understand that cultural relevance alone is not enough to meet the demands of today’s advertisers. That’s why we’re continuously improving our platform to deliver high performing ad impressions that adhere to stringent brand safe, viewability and fraud standards.

How we are different

Pulpo offers a cross-cultural footprint to reach the nearly 55 million U.S. Hispanics. With an estimated purchasing power of more than $1.7 trillion, this segment is growing at a rate expected to hit over 63 million in the year 2020. The Pulpo difference is evident through our broad reach, quality coverage, actionable data, and an integrated approach. In a custom digital content strategy, we deliver in-culture brand services that engage your audience and create shareable experiences. Learn More

Pulpo Stat Tank


U.S. Hispanic Population


Trillion Buying Power

$0 B

Hispanic Ad Spend in 2015

0 M

Hispanics Eligible to Vote

Pulpo is the #1 Hispanic Ad-Focus network and custom web entity as measured by comScore.

Pulpo is the first Hispanic Ad-Focus network to be certified against ad fraud by TAG (Trustworthy Accountability Group) and we are both DAA (Digital Advertising Alliance) compliant and a NAI (Network Advertising Initiative) member.

100% of our high-quality inventory is monitored by Integral Ad Science (IAS).

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Tools and technologies that work for you

Pulpo offers the tools and technologies that help you attain your digital marketing objectives every step of the way. Pulpo Planner Lite, Pulpo Political Planner, and Pulpo Banner Builder are just a few of the resources we use to help you understand your audiences, gain in-depth insight, and produce unparalleled targeting results.

Pulpo Knowledge Center

We’re passionate about helping clients like you by sharing valuable information that can help improve your digital media goals. The Pulpo Knowledge Center contains insight from our knowledgeable team. You can explore and download white papers, case studies, and industry points-of-view, access helpful links, and read about our success. Learn More
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